About Cask Catalyst

Your battle-tested partners in the trenches of building Bev-Alc brands

Cask Catalyst was formed as an offshoot of its traditional Food & Beverage predecessor, Craft Catalyst, to apply to the Bev-Alc space much of the same winning formula for scaling brands.
Chris Olivier
Steef Schelke
Roy Milner
Of course, understanding the nuances between these two landscapes, Cask Catalyst’s leadership team brings to bear many years of capabilities, relationships and acumen informed by deep experience in the Bev-Alc industry.

Our Approach to Partnering with Brands

Decades of hands-on experience in the industry have informed our core values

We practice what we preach

We are active participants in the industry. Not only do we immerse ourselves as advisors and hands-on executives in the businesses of our brand partners, we also operate a craft spirits brand of our own – Art of Alchemy Spirits – to demonstrate our passion for the work and our capabilities in developing and scaling brands.

We relish the partnership approach

Whether we’re engaged as an Advisor, Consultant, Investor or all of the above, we truly love building partnerships with smart, hard-charging professionals whom we can also call “friends.

Resilience means that no obstacle is too big

This business is not for the faint of heart and it takes commitment and resilience to navigate all of the twists and turns in the road along the path to success. We have seen a lot in all our years and take joy in being a grounding force and helping peers overcome the countless obstacles they may face.

Integrity is a key ingredient to success

Yes, this business can be brutal at times and you’re only as good as the company you keep. So many lessons come the hard way. It’s so important to have in your corner the kinds of partners you can trust from start to finish and everywhere in between. That’s where we shine!

Our passion may be best represented by our selflessness

We love what we do, so no job is too small when push comes to shove. Furthermore, nothing is more rewarding than when a team comes together at crunch time to execute a plan and make adjustments as needed to achieve desired outcomes.

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